"I think you should just go" - The New York Times


"I think you should just go" - The New York Times



Shigoku - Wallapa Bay, WA  4

Village Bay - Bedec Bay, NB 3.5

Little Shemogue - Shemogue Bay, NB  3.75

Sandy Neck - Barnstable, MA  3.5




Olives with paprika 5

Louisiana white prawns a la plancha  16

Watercress salad with horseradish  10

Treviso with oranges and sherry vinegar  12

Fennel salad with mussels, beans and pistachios 13

Green beans with egg, anchovy and breadcrumbs 14

Sweet potatoes with mandarin oranges and fresh cheese 14

Beef tartare with littleneck clams  16

Cockles with vinho verde and garlic  18



Black bass with broccoli rabe and leeks  27

Albacore tuna with sweet onions and saffron  26

Half chicken with paprika and carrots  29

Grass-fed lamb burger, arugula 18

+add marinated anchovies  3


Sourdough bread  3



Vanilla pudding with oranges and almonds  9

Chocolate mousse with hazelnuts and yogurt  9