"I think you should just go" - The New York Times


"I think you should just go" - The New York Times



Nisqually • Puget Sound, WA  4

Wayne’s World • Barnstable, MA  3.75


Olives with paprika oil 5

Fried shrimp heads  9

Louisiana white prawns a la plancha  16

Radishes with fresh cheese and bottarga  12

Romaine hearts with pistachios, dill and manchego  13

Watercress with horseradish 12

Heirloom peppers with romesco sauce and fermented chili   12

Octopus and mussel escabeche with potatoes and pimenton 17

Manila clams with vinho verde and garlic 18

Fried hake with roasted tomatoes and mussels   26

Poached blackfish with braised leeks and potatoes   27

Half chicken with piri piri and french fries  29

Grass-fed lamb burger, mixed greens  18

   +add marinated anchovies  3

Sourdough bread  3

Vanilla pudding with sungolds and hazelnuts  9

Almond cake with plums and whipped yogurt   9