"I think you should just go" - The New York Times


"I think you should just go" - The New York Times



Wayne’s World • Barnstable, MA  3.75

Beausoleils • New Brunswick  3.75


Olives with paprika oil  6

Fried shrimp heads with pimenton  8 

Louisiana white prawns a la plancha  16

Anchodinas with shunkyo radishes 13

Arugula with aged sherry and manchego  12 

Pea shoots with sweet onions and bottarga 14

Fresh cheese with brussels sprouts and horseradish 14

Fried squid al ajillo  13

Manila clams with vinho verde  18

Fried skate wing with chickpeas and chorizo  26

Swordfish with endive and anchovy bread salsa  27

Half chicken with piri piri and french fries  29

Grass-fed lamb burger, mixed greens  18

   +add marinated anchovies  3

Sourdough bread  3

French fries with aioli  8

Cheesecake de la vina with cider poached apples  9

Almond cake with vermouth and whipped cream   9